Dumb Discord bot in TS.
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help.js (949B)

const Discord = require('discord.js');
const Helpers = require('../helpers.js');

//displays list of commands. in future should scan commands directory and display info for each programmatically/dynamically = (client, message, args) => {
  const embed = Helpers.TemplatedMessageEmbed()
    .addField('Available commands', buildCommandList());{ embed });

function buildCommandList() {
  var commands = [
    '--combos [drug]',
    '--dxmcalc [weight in lbs]',
    '--effectinfo [effect]',
    '--effects [substance]',
    "--help (you are here)",
    '--info [substance]',
    '--ketaminecalc [weight in lbs]',
    '--psychtolerance [days]',
    '--role [rolename]',
    '--whois [@user]'

  return commands.join('\n');