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(%define title "E-mail")
(!DOCTYPE html)
(html :lang en
    (%include "components/"))
    (%include "components/")
    (div :id container
      (%nav Authenticating)
      (p You'll need an E-mail client, such as
         (a :href "" Thunderbird) \(for desktop\),
         or (a :href "" Spark) \(for mobile\).)

      (h2 Configuration)
      (p In this example, (code myname) will be your username, hence your
         E-mail will be (code
         Note that these are (em not) the same)
      (p Your password should already be known, and can be changed at
         (a :href ""
      (p Your (em incoming server) will be IMAP,
         and your (em outgoing) will be SMTP, naturally.)

        (li IMAP Server: (code over SSL/TLS)
        (li IMAP Username: (code myname))
        (li SMTP Server: (code over STARTTLS)
        (li SMTP Username: (code myname)))

      (h2 Example)
      (p Here is an example Thunderbird configuration:)
      (img :class card
           :alt "Configuration example"
           :src "./media/email-thunderbird.png")
      (%include "components/"))))