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(%define title "Home")

(!DOCTYPE html)
(html :lang en
    (%include "components/head"))
    (%include "components/header")
    (div :id container
      (%nav Knutsen)
      (p This is the homepage for the Knutsen \(web, mail, &c.\)
         server.  Hosted on a (strong VPS) \(Virtual Private Server\)
         somewhere in London.)

      (h2 Source Code)
        (li local: (a :href ""
        (li sourcehut: (code (a :href "" ~knutsen)))
        (li github: (code (a :href "" Demonstrandum).)))

      (h2 Public Keys/IDs)
        (li PGP (code (a :href "./keys/" 693BD1EE8BD77B43)))
        (li SSH (code (a :href "./keys/" 4b:42:d8:30:43:65:53:21:be:53:97:49:bc:5f:96:44)))
        (li ETH (code 0x1C7fC5d267C3CEBc4AC875abB424b29dE5113071))
        (li Urbit (code ~minten-migmug)))

      (h2 Email)
      (p Want to log-in with your e-mail? See (a :href "./email.html" this page).)
      (p E-mail me any time, for questions about the server, the
         website, or getting your own (code e-mail.)
      (center (a :href ""
      (%include "components/footer"))))