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diff --git a/blog/ b/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,22 @@ +--- +title: This isn't new +published: 2022-08-30 18:20:00 +--- + +Often when people think about the culture war, they think of it as starting in 2016. Trump and Brexit occurring at the same time +caused the spontaneous generation of thousands of blue haired libtards, like rats on a ship. This is obviously not the case, for +if it were I wouldn't be writing this blogpost. All this is far from new, in fact it has been going on for generations, the +original instigators of which are now either dead, or drinking their last meals in a decrepit nursing home. Because I am too lazy +to provide actual evidence, I will simply point to old Simpsons clips, and their supposed predictive quality. "Homer Badman" is +from 1994, wherein Homer is accused of sexual assault by a college student, and the media whips up a frenzy against him. +Sounds eerily familiar to today doesn't it? Only if it were written today it would be called "Homer gets cancelled", and the +college student in question would have blue hair. 1996's "Homerpalooza" has him accused of a hate crime after wearing a +Rastafarian at a concert, once again similar to today, where old people's once socially acceptable non-malicious actions are +treated as being racist. The writers of the show weren't trying to predict the future with these episodes, +they were satirising the present day, as with every single other episode. + +For a more serious example, we shall look at education reforms. Many see the [removing of Shakespeare]( +and Chaucer from the curriculum as another modern day left wing attack on our national identity. This is not a new thing, as +anyone who attended school in the past 20 years will know. Whilst Shakespeare is still covered...... +I personally had to study a play written by a communist, where the first live performances +were in the Soviet Union as nowhere could be found in the UK.