Compiler for set-theoretic programming language.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,22 @@ +# Valhalla Language + +This repository contains the front-end (parser and +bytecode compilation) which understands the syntax and +semantics, as well as doing static type analysis and code +optimisation. The generated AST is then compiled to +Brokkr bytecode. +The execution of the subsequential bytecode +is handled by the langauge's VM (virtual machine) called +Brokkr, which exists seperately. + +Valhalla is a set theoretic programming language. +That's to say, it's based on priciples from set theory, +in a way that all types are just sets, and hence everything +is just an element of a set. The language is meant to give a +new way to think about types, and provides an intuitive way to +think about types. It may also be used to verify proofs and such +about set theory. + +The language is a general purpose, but intead of being all OOP, +or functional, etc., it's just set theory based. From what I've +gathered, it's not a very popular paradigme.