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diff --git a/blog/ b/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,28 @@ +--- +title: Crime and Bullying +published: 2022-08-23 21:00:00 +--- + +The modern attitude towards crime is one of vast excuses. +Crimes can no longer be committed because someone simply wanted to commit, +there must be a higher reason, one which is out of their control. +If they steal it's just because they're poor, if they randomly assault people +on the street it's because they're a victim of their circumstance, they had +a poor upbringing don't you see? Society seems to be trying to justify their +crimes for them, maybe because we just can't bear the idea that bad people +still exist in the world today, who want to rape and steal for the fun of it. + +Moped gangs aren't going around stealing handbags because they're poor, they're +doing it because they're greedy and want easy money. People have got to stop +fooling themselves into thinking that more youth centres will stop chavs from +stabbing each other. + +The same approach is taken towards bullying in schools. There's a very popular +assumption that all bullies come from poor broken homes, and they're only +bullying because they have low self esteem. Whilst that may be true for some, +that is not the case for most, many actually come from quite good homes, +some people just find enjoyment in the suffering of others. + +The way both of these situations are seen create issues in dealing with the +problem. It can't properly be fixed if the perpretrator is also seen as the +victim. diff --git a/blog/ b/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,16 @@ +--- +title: Academic and Corporate Fetishism +published: 2022-08-23 21:00:00 +--- + +> Fetishising adult life +> Care more about the *idea* of something, rather than the thing itself +> Examples: academia, corporate office work, (police, camping, army, cabin) +> Laten infatilisation? life truly starting too late +> lack of other goals -> turning work into personality + +There is an increasing fetishisation of academic and corporate life amongst +young people today. They fawn over clock app videos of office workers toiling +away doing absolutely nothing. Longing to be a "dark academic", reading dusty +books, the topic of which is irrelevant, as long as it's leather bound and +hasn't been touched for at least 50 years. diff --git a/blog/ b/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,53 @@ +--- +title: Student Loans +published: 2022-08-25 18:20:00 +--- + +A-level results day happened not too long ago, which means many people will now +finally find out what university they will attend, and thus their future +prospects. Many will gain placement to university on an unconditional +offer, achieving abysmal grades but still getting to attending anyway. +Many will have signed up for lackluster courses with poor prospects (me) +at ex-poly univerties (not me) in the hope of having a better career, +and most importantly to party and drink all day for 3 years. + +Knowing that so many people are going to waste three of the most valuable years +of their life, and encumber themselves with tens of thousands of pounds worth +of debt, then why is this allowed to happen? For starters, the way student +loans are operated in this country is basically that of an extra tax. +With the interest rates on these loans being so high, graduates will barely +shave off any of the actual debt, only making payments on the interest for the +majority of their youth. Which is what this actually is, a youth tax. With the +recent national insurance increase, young graduates are looking at paying close +to 50% tax on earnings over £27,000. Money which is sorely needed on a deposit +for a house. This is certainly part of the reason why the conservative +government have kept up Blair's "commitment" to higher education. Encourage +children to make stupid fincancial decisions so you can milk them all the more +for the next 30 years. This isn't the only reason to funnel sixth formers into +universities though, university graduates are far more likely to be left wing. +Blair knew this, the Tories also know it, but are far too stupid and +cowardly to do anything about it. + +Widespread degree obtainment has made it nigh impossible to find an office job +without holding one. Which of course causes more people to get degrees just +to be able to get a professional job, and the cycle continues. This is probably +responsible for a lot of latent infatilisation amongst young adults today. +Many of them still feel and act like children. You would think living away +from home as most students do, having to cook and clean, and study for your +degree would make you more grown up sooner. The opposite occurs, and in part +it's probably from the lack of discipline. With no one to tell you to do the +dishes, or attend lectures, or wake up at a decent time, most students just +simply don't. This causes a prolonging of the teenage years, now with copious +amounts of alcohol. Not only is it seen through this, but also in their +careers and bank accounts. Your adult life used to start at 18, now it starts +at 21, or maybe even 22. Three years of saving for a house gone, three years +of a long term relationship possibly ending in a family gone, three years +of a career gone. This is a huge commitment that's not to be taken lightly, +but it is made by thousands with more ease than which song they should listen +to whilst they pretend to pay attention in their maths lesson. + + +> becoming loan slaves +> becoming lefty shills +> holding up economy of dying towns +> latent infantilisation diff --git a/blog/ b/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,35 @@ +--- +title: Mrs. Langlois +published: 2022-08-25 18:20:00 +--- + +*The old Kentish lady's grandson has just finished secondary school, and so with his free time he wrote a short story. He only +got a B in English Language though, so don't get your hopes up.* + +Mrs. Langlois was just about to enjoy her second cup of tea after a long six hour day at the local council, when she was +interrupted by a knock at the door. A police officer, baseball cap still on, informed her of the devastating news. +"I'm terribly sorry ma'am, your husband was stabbed by a group of youths on his way home from work this afternoon, by the time +the ambulance arrived he had already passed, I'm very sorry." +"Oh, if only there was a youth centre where they could've played tabble tennis instead!" +"I know, it's a real tragedy, their university dreams will be crushed if they're convicted." +"Sheffield Hallam will be missing out on some truly great minds." +"I'm sure this will be a very tough time for you, but don't worry, you're on the waiting list for counselling already." +"Oh thank you so much officer!" + +There was a large turnout for the funeral, many of Mr. Langlois' colleagues turned up, some of the finest human right's lawyers +in Hertfordshire. Their daughter had taken some time off from work to be with Mrs. Langlois, those graphics will just have to +design themselves for a bit. Keeping in touch with what he would've wanted, no black was to be worn, it was more of a +celebration of life, than a mourning of his death. As the wake slowly died down, Miss. Langlois started tidying, and +Mrs. Langlois had one final cuppa before going off to bed alone. + +Four years pass, Mrs. Langlois still works at the local council doing God's work, having already paid off the mortgage she's +still living in the same house, she wanted to move, but there are just too many memories of Mr. Langlois there, ah, good old +Harold. Just after his 21st birthday had passed behind bars, a certain somebody is just getting out of prison early, freshly +reformed. In a few months he'll be off to university on a full scholarship under the new youth offenders program. The business +world won't be ready for him, street smarts, and an education, move over Zuckerberg, there's a new fish in the bar. + +It's been eight years now since he passed away, but Mrs. Langlois still misses him every day. Those cuppas with The Chase just +aren't the same without him. Our little 6'4" businessman is just graduating, with a smashing Third in business management, a few +scuffles and drug possession incidents almost stopped him, but the youth offenders program didn't want to ruin the life of a top +mind forever, over a few minor life changing incidents. It's not his fault, he's had a rough upbringing. Once he +settles into a job he won't have a need to rape and steal anymore, after all, the system works.